A little mention by Mab Jones :-)

A great Podcast by poet Mab Jones in which she gives a mention about my swimming photography and film and how it inspired her to write a poem in response. There is also a great piece in there about not having children… made me laugh out loud in a cutting way as im already half way down the road! yet I totally understand the stance. Too late for me though.  You can have a listen here:



The human woman peels away the layers. Jacket. Gender. Jumper. Class. Something like an onion, slipping loose of skins. The stitches of every garment, dissolving; all those associations existence ties us into, unbuckled, unbuttoned; all of it, unfastened, shimmied out of like a silken skirt, and left at the side of the lake. Shriven of these skins she dives, into the earth’s blue eye; deep into her oculus, nebulous and deep. Deafened, she finds peace, here. Divested of all vestments, in this place she is swathed; swaddled and safe in the swallowing dark like a pup in its mother’s teeth. Swimming, she is dissipating. Sinking, she becomes with every second freer. After the deep has consumed her, she rises once again. Emerges from the silence, leaves the liberating cold. Her limbs now clothed with fluid. Her patella plated with salt. Vapor rising from her hair, which falls like a sodden veil. Aqueous beads at her neck, a rosary for her bones. Newborn, the human woman stands, and learns herself once more.

Mab Jones


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