Turner Prize rant

So today the shortlist for the Turner prize was announced, and judging from what iv read on the net there appears to be uproar about the fact that three of the four artists are video artists. Well well well. Another bone of contention seems to be that all of the artists are unknown outside of the exclusive inner workings of the art world, especially Tris Vonna- Michell, with his spoken word. I found this web page with an audio sample of one of his egg times stories… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/turner-prize/10813584/Turner-Prize-2014-artist-with-an-egg-timer-shortlisted-for-25000-award.html. I dont see the problem. This piece is excellent, making me feel like iv had a rich insight into an others thoughts or experience in a very traditional oral manner. I thought the Turner prize was designed to encourage a new young audience into the often exclusive world of  contemporary art. Video art in itself is so utterly diverse that that the individual selections for the prize can be worlds apart despite their chosen collective medium. I would argue that the relatively recent developments in hand held technology and the massive, instantly accessible, world audience via the net,  has created a new arena for the arts. Whether its a platform for self promotion from the artists end , or the increased exposure to the arts that is now possible to self direct from the comfort of our own homes, the way we make and receive art is changing. Video and its wide spread accessibility is playing a huge part in this and to me, the Turner Prize is merely reflecting this.







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