More mannequins

IMG_1327IMG_1328IMG_1331IMG_1332IMG_1333IMG_1335IMG_1336IMG_1337IMG_1293 IMG_1292 IMG_1290 IMG_1289 IMG_1288 IMG_1286 IMG_1285 IMG_1284More mannequinsI went to Llandudno a few days ago, not only to see the Mostyns Bedwyr show, but also to take more mannequin photos. Unfortunately most of the mannequins in the town were headless but i managed to find a few. This set of pictures have a different feel to the ones I previously took in Bangor (previous post). The lack of a pedestrianised high street gives a different feel but also the slightly more upmarket vibe to Llandudno. The photos don’t portray a crumbling Capitalism to me like the others did. However they are still interesting. I definately want to explore this idea further after graduation, visiting a larger city with more scope for shots and grotty spots.


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